Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Roster News

The Blades announced two roster moves yesterday. Forward Harrison Reed w(updated stats here) as sent down from the River Rats. Woody at the Blades Blog is predicting he might just stay for one game, which makes sense considering that three forwards are on the IR list (including Guthrie who was moved to the 21-day IR list). Perhaps the better news (if you happen to be a member of the Florida branch of the Brusty fan club) is the return of Barry Brust!

This is really good news. Chris Beckfor-Tseu has been put on the 3-day IR list and Mike Morrison has played in every game of the road trip and seems to have been having some trouble the last few games. Hopefully, Brusty can give the struggling defense a bit of a boost when they take on the Royals again tonight. I can't imagine him not starting tonight. So, I'm setting my DVR to record the Pens/Flames game, and devoting all my attention to the Blades. Hopefully they make it worth putting my favorite boys on the back burner...

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