Thursday, January 14, 2010

Roster News

I swear the Blades front office waits until I've posted to the blog before making these roster moves. I'm pretty sure it goes something like this...

"Hey Steve, want me to have one of the interns write up the press release for the trade?"
"Nah, that Byng chick hasn't posted anything yet today... just wait till she does."
"Oh, ok. I'll send the interns for coffee instead."

Anyway, Woody over at the Blades Blog  broke the news that the Blades have aquired forward Mike Bayrack (stats here) from the Gladiators for some cold hard cash (can anyone picture Craig Bush as a pimp without giggling?). It is good to see the Blades aquire a guy who plays center, the current roster lists only two. I also like the fact that he's a veteran, he has been around the ECHL, and other minor league hockey teams, for a long time. It will be nice to see a solid, dependable, experienced guy anchoring a line.

Harrison Reed was also recalled by the Albany River Rats, you can see the story here on the River Rats official site.

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  1. AND BB will be there for the time being SIGH as far as Houston is concerned. Huzzah,as far as I am concerned re 1/22. Game! ;-). BTW a Chris Jerina pix of Bucky on my blog!


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