Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Latest Drama...

You may or may not have heard about the latest drama to strike the Everblades' blogging world. If you haven't you can find the spark that lit powder keg here. The author of that lovely, and oh so misguided piece of work then reposted it over at Canes Country. Allowing fans of of the big club to get a glimpse of an Everblades fan's mind. One blogger at Hockey Wilderness, who follows the Minnesota Wild, took (understandable) offense at the post, and proceeded to write one of the most beautiful dissections of horrible writing ever.

Regular reader may remember that I have had an issue with that particular person in the past. And it does not not surprise me that he would come up with that misguided attempt at humor. Sadly, I have read a lot from that blogger, mostly from his obnoxious comments last season on the Blades Blog. This season the Naples Daily News was kind enough to give him his own blog. Allow him to speak for the Everblades fans. Now, I don't want to dissolve to sink to childish insults, but it is too impossible not to.

To me, that post is proof of the kind of person he is. He has always been an attention seeker with a love for drama only a 16 year-old could understand. I do fully believe he wrote it thinking we would all die laughing. And that he would be lauded for his magnificent sense of humor. The problem is not all of us are from his generation or upbringing. What is funny to someone his age, is not funny to others. This writing is the result of sadly deluded misogynist. You can't classify women into types any more than you can classify men, Americans, Christians, or lawyers. Although a group may share a common characteristic, like gender, you can't put them into narrowly defined categories. I know that I was raised to be an individual, and I refuse to see others as anything other than who they themselves are.

The worst part in all this is how it makes the Naples Daily News, their writers, and the Everblades organization look. I can only hope that those of you who have come across that tasteless post do not look poorly on us. Woody Wommack, the NDN's beat writer for the Blades, is a wonderful reporter. It truly pains me to think of the impression this leaves upon him. I also feel the need to say that the NDN is a very well respected paper in the area. Like many papers, they seek to give the populace a voice, however distasteful it might be. It is most important to remember that the Everblades have no control over that blogger, or this one for that matter. I can only hope that other hockey fans don't form an impression of Blades fans, or Floridian hockey fans, by one person's rantings.

I will of course remind regulars, and warn newcomers, that any comments left must be approved before posting. This is not to prevent dissenting opinions, it's done to eliminate the hundreds of "Blades Sux!" comments that seem to flood in from one IP in Pennsylvania.

Also, all this seriousness is totally out of character for this blog. Enjoy a nice LOL Cat...

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  1. It's amazing that guy had the nerve to criticize you at one point, I think he was even critical of Woody as well. While the reporting may not be as good as the previous person it's not like this guy is doing anything to help. It's also amazing that the newspaper gives that guy a platform to write. Easiest just to ignore him.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Keith, I even emailed the sports editor to tell him that basically this guy's stupid writing makes the whole paper look bad. He chalked it up to "freedom of speech" which I call horse crap. I think they just don't have the stones to get rid of him.

    Honestly, Ms. Byng, I think you should ask for your own blog there. Because I said, "If that's the case then you should be willing to let anybody who asks for a blog to have one." and he said, "Yep, we pretty much do."

    Foolish but whatever. Go get yourself an NDN blog. Hell have all your friends get one too!

  4. Keith, he is constantly critical of Woody. I find that more irritating than personal insults. I personally don't like to insult a person when they're doing their job. I had been ignoring him pretty well up until all of this, unfortunately he had to be an attention-you-know-what.

    Ms. C, I don't think anyones going to get anywhere with that editor. Sadly it's his choice that makes his employer look bad. I would feel to confined over at NDN to be of any use. I like my own little chunk of Blogger territory. I also think it would put me a little to close to him. I've been looking for someone to help on this blog, I'm not sure f anyone is in a hurry to have their voice heard.

  5. Yeah, I was pretty much kidding. I did a reader blog for the Houston Chronicle once and it was stifling. Mostly I just want to see if they'll really let anyone who wants a blog have one.


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