Thursday, October 1, 2009

YouTube Gold!

Once I saw this pop up on YouTube I just knew I had another post in me. It is a bit long, but this video is pure gold. Courtesy of SWFL insider, here is the funniest video you'll see all week.

I'm re-thinking the whole I like Lang better than Nicholson thing, because he's pretty funny, even if he is a bad dancer (seriously, the Charleston?).

Also, when I was checking out the page loads with StatCounter, I noticed a huge uptick in the blogs readership. I can also see where the readers are coming from (someone in Rochester is obsessed), there is actually a reader in Indonesia! That little tidbit led me to the Wikipedia page of Richie Regehr, the only Indonesian born NHL player. That's your YouTube video of the week and your Wikipedia hockey page of the week, now I'm off to learn how to play ping pong.

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