Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cameron Lands Coaching Job

(No news in forever and then suddenly I have enough for two posts in one day, sheesh)

It didn't take long for Malcolm Cameron to find a coaching job. It's not in Houston (darn rumors), nor is it for any AHL position.

Ladies and gentlemen, Malcolm Cameron is the new coach of the Elmira Jackals. He honestly found a team to coach that fast. Same conference, same league, different team. I love how the Jackals are playing up his record like everything that went on down here never happened. Honestly, do the Jackals think their fans don't have Internet access? Whatever, Jackals fans will learn soon enough, and we'll have a new (hopefully better) coach.

I'm sure I'm not the only Blades fan looking forward to our first home game against the Jackals. May I propose we start chanting "Cameron, Cameron, Cameron" whenever the Blades score a goal on the Jackals? It would be so wonderful and mean.

This has nothing to do with the story, it's just funny (and I'm delirious from doing homework all day).

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