Sunday, June 20, 2010

ECHL Affiliations

(enjoy this quick post between my double shifts, hopefully it makes sense)
With nothing newsworthy going on in the Everblades universe, I've had a lot of free time on my hands. Because of this, I present a lovely spreadsheet of affiliations for all ECHL teams. The full sized version can be found here (the blogs templates likes to shrink things).

At the bottom you'll notice I've included the NHL teams that are without an ECHL affiliate. The Rangers lost theirs when the Checkers moved to the AHL (and became our affiliate), and the Wild lost their affiliate when the Johnstown Chiefs folded. Also interesting is the Lightnings choice to use a CHL affiliate instead of an ECHL one (which is just another reason to cheer for the Panthers in my opinion).

The new team in Greenville will be announcing the winning name from the contest they held later this month. I'm hoping they announce their NHL affiliate at the same time. I don't like all the red at the bottom.

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  1. What a mom... wouldn'd a lot of hockey crazy (and talented) southern kids love to have a MOM like that?


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