Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Protected Lists Announced

The Everblades haven't made any formal announcements as to who they put on their protected player list. Luckily the ECHL was kind enough to post all the teams on one page. There are a bunch of rules on who can go on this list and who can't, but they're really confusing so I doubt I can explain them. The basic point of this list is the team is calling dibs on these players.

Of course, this list doesn't guarantee that they will be playing for the Everblades next season. Only that they can't be approached by any other ECHL team.

Adrien Lemay

Dominic D’Amour
Scott Hotham
Mitch McColm
Phil Paquet
A.J. Thelen
Brad Zanon
Kevin Baker
Mike Bayrack
Patrick Bordeleau
Benjamin Breault
Matt Caria
Shea Guthrie
Ernie Hartlieb
Brad Herauf
Mike Hoffman
Eric Lampe
Ryan Lang
Colin Nicholson
Ahren Spylo
Dominic Osman
Alexandre Parent
Mathieu Roy

You may notice players who were assigned from the AHL are missing. Their rights belong to the NHL club they have a contract with so the Everblades can't protect them, that's why you don't see guys like Brandon Buck, Chris Beckford-Tseu and Matt Duffy.

You may also notice, guys who have a contract in Europe (Zanon, Spylo, and Hotham for example) are on the list. That's to make sure if they decide their not happy and want to play stateside that the team will still have the rights to them.

 It's really good to see Phil Paquette, Shea Guthrie, Eric Lampe, Dominic Osman, and Mitch McColm on the list. I really liked their contributions for the most part and I can't wait to see them play next season. I'm not sure how I feel about Adrien Lemay being on the list. Even though my first reaction to any goalie is to fall in love, I only saw him play once (and it wasn't pretty). It's also good to see some reliable vets like Kevin Baker, Ryan Lang (wooohoo!), and Colin Nicholson on the list.

Most importantly it's good to see Ernie Hartlieb on the list. It's an unwritten rule that he has to be on the team. Plus, I'm pretty sure the arena would crumble to the ground if he wasn't on the roster.

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