Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Links

Another Friday, another serving of some Friday links.

- Blah, blah, blah, season ending roster. When are we going to get some real news?

- I watched Murderball yesterday, and I highly recommend it. It's an awesome documentary about quadriplegic athletes playing wheelchair rugby. It was very inspiring, but not in a Pollyanna life is sunshine and rainbows way.

- Your Wikipedia hockey page- "First indoor ice hockey game"

- Lets Go Amerks has a great look at what happens when teams move to a new town. Poor Rowdy.

- The Panthers and Lightning both announced their preseason schedules. It would be fun to check out at least one game since I've never been to a preseason game and it's pretty much the same distance to Tampa and Sunrise.

- This photograph is gorgeous, and I may just have to buy a print.

- I honestly don't know what to say beyond this mother built an indoor ice rink addition on to her house because she was tired of driving her son to practice.

- This is my new response to any complaints...

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