Thursday, July 22, 2010

Affiliation News

(I'm going to put the Friday links post up a little later than usual to give this post some more time at the top of the page)

There's some bad news for Everblades fans tonight. The Florida Panthers have decided not to renew their affiliation (scroll to the bottom) with the Blades. It's a little sad, the blades have had a relationship with the Panthers for quite a few years. If you look at the new, updated, affiliation chart it looks like several teams are available for an affiliation.

The Flyers, Rangers, Ducks, and Wild are all NHL teams that have lost their ECHL affiliate this season. You may remember that there was some talk about the Rangers showing some interest in the Everblades. I have to admit it didn't seem realistic at the time, but now it's starting to sound possible. As usual, we won't know until it happens. Hopefully, it happens soon.

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