Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Signing Round-Up

(I have no idea how I managed to confuse the Rochester Institute of Technology with the Rhode Island Institure of Technology [I'm not sure it even exhists]. I think it's either too many Family Guy re-runs, or the biggest blond moment ever. It's fixed now, and I appologize for such a huge error. I also want to thank the wonderful reader that e-mailed me)

Just when I'm about to start complaining about the lack of signings the Everblades finally announced the first signing for next season. Bobby Raymond, a defenseman, is the first signing of the Poss era. According to the press release he's a two-way defenseman who played in France last year, and the Rochester Institute of Technology before that. By the way, how sweet is this goal?

 I've taken the liberty of embedding his stats below (much better than sending you over to a site that bombards you with pop-up ads)...

The team also included the usual "quote" from him about how excited he is to be playing the Everblades, Yay! can't wait to play for Greg Poss, and the ECHL feeds to the AHL stuff they always make sure to include. I don't know about my fellow fans, but I'd love to have some hint at his personality. It would maybe get us excited and want the eighty something days until the start of the season bearable. Either way, it's the first of many signings, and now I'm getting a little excited.
In sad news, my Barry Brust comes to play with us pipe dream is dead. He's signed with the Binghamton Senators of the AHL. It's good for him, an AHL job is a no-brainer. It's kind of funny that he's taking the spot opened up by Chris Holts' bolt to the KHL (I couldn't help myself). You remember him right? The boys ruined his (short) playoff stint in the ECHL last season.

(Fun Fact: Goal is цель in Russian)

I also find it amusing that if he does get sent down to the ECHL, he'll be playing for the Elmira Jackals and their new coach. Whats his name... Oh yeah, Malcolm Cameron. I don't know if this coincidence was on purpose or by accident, but it's a little weird.
In some more sad news, the Everblades lost their last red-head (I'm seriously sad about this). Dominic Osman has signed with Toledo. You may remember he was acquired from Toledo for Jordan Morrison. He wasn't a high scorer or anything. He was always moving, and always seemed to be playing his heart out, so I'll miss him.

I'm glad the team is finally announcing some signings, there are only so many cat pictures and hockey fight videos on the Internet.


  1. Another of Everblades' fans' fave Anton Khudobin has been re-signed by the Wild for a one year - two way contract, so we will see lots of him in Houston! How about hopping on a plane from Tampa to Houston Hobby for a game or two? Let me know!

  2. When Dimples was signed, and Bucky did well at camp, a trip to Houston was my first thought. Alas, I'm a poor student. Unless I win the lottery I don't think it's going to happen this season.


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