Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Reads

Some of you may remember that at one time (long ago) this was supposed to be a regular post. Well... I kind of forgot. Luckily, I found the original when I was digging through the blogs old posts, and since I hate having a long pause between the Friday and Tuesday posts I'm bringing it back.

This Sunday is all about the funny...

- Blades of Funny has a great "letter" from Gary Bettman to Dan Gilbert. Read it. It's all sorts of funny.

- Down Goes Brown was kind enough to break down the difference between free agency in the NHL and NBA.

- View From My Seats has 10 things the NHL could learn from the trouble BP's in.

- The Willful Caboose has the five things she'll miss about the World Cup. I'll miss the thighs too, sigh.

- This older post from Ms. Conduct, but her posts are always so great I couldn't resist. 50 years of the 69th draft pick. Click it, your inner 13 year old will not be disappointed.

If you run across a good hockey blog post in your travels around the Internet be sure to send them my way, If you want credit tell me!

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