Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Links

It's that time again! Hopefully, these links can get you through the day.

- Your Wikipedia Hockey Page- "Panonian League"

- Greatest Hockey Legends has this great article on American Hockey.

- I heard we now have skating treadmill for our players, hockey technology is so cool.

- Wichita is auctioning off equipment from their hockey rink they don't need anymore. Anyone want to go in halfsies on a Zamboni or a penalty box?

- This article from Detroit is pretty interesting if you've ever wondered how they get the ice in a hockey arena set up.

- I must have this super adorable Canadian sock monkey.

- How weird is this thing?

funny pictures of cats with captions
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You might also want to check back in a few hours, the Everblades are supposed to make an announcement about which players they are extending qualifying offers to around lunchtime (according to Woody). I hope it ends up being good news.

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