Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Links

It's that time again. Here's your weekly serving of hot, fresh links.

- So, I skipped Wednesday's Blades game (and the 7-2 win) with the intention of seeing the Jr. Blades game yesterday and the Blades game today. I was a little upset that I missed Wednesday's showing, but the Jr. Blades cheered me up with a 12-2 win. That is not a typo ladies and gentlemen. 12 goals. I should be getting the photos from the game up in batches today so keep an eye out for those.

- Your Wikipedia hockey page for today- "Frederick Stanley, 16th Earl of Derby"

- Right after I lament the lack of hilarious tweets for last week's tweet of the week Rutherford busts out with one of the most hilarious tweets I've seen in a long time.

- I heard a lot about Scott Fletcher's hit in Wednesday's game. The sound of that hit in the video over on the Blades' Blog was nasty. I imagine the Express will be looking to get back at him tonight.

- Looks like a couple of Blades jerseys have shown up on eBay. Take your pick: affordable XXL, a (probably overpriced) jersey with 16 signatures I can't make out, and a jersey signed by everyone's favorite blade Ernie Hartlieb.

- I love this cake (well, maybe not the athletic cup part).

Hockey Bag Cake 082

- As ugly as I think the old Canucks logo is, I can't get over how cheap this "vintage" Canucks jersey is.

- I wouldn't reccomend clicking this link to this Third String Goalie post if you value your retinas. If you don't, well, click away.

- Kitty time!

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