Tuesday, January 17, 2012

YouTube Tuesday

I might be riding a lovely wave of cold medicine induced mellowness, but that doesn't mean I cant give you your weekly dose of Everblades videos. this week I have two videos from Friday's game against the Express. First up, one of Scott Fletcher's multiple fights from the series.

Next, his second fight, part of a double header. I have to be honest, I enjoy any time one of the Donati brothers get their butts handed to them. I'm still upset about that playoff series with the Jackals a while back,

One more thing before I go back to the wonderful world of tissues and Vicks. Don't forget to cast a vote for your favorite Everblade for the ECHL fantasy team. You only get one vote for one player, but you can vote for other teams and you can write in a player if you choose.

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