Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Links

I don't think any of you will mind if I refuse to talk about last night. It wasn't fun. If you happen to be a glutton for punishment, I guess you can watch the shoot-out. Enjoy I guess.

I also got the photos from Wednesday's game up.

I'm not sure when yesterday's game photos will be up.

Now, on to the stuff that isn't horribly depressing!

- I'm far from a fan of the logo that we had during the 08-08 season, but you can't beat $25 if you happen to be looking for a deal on a  jersey.

- Your Tweet of the Week ladies and gentlemen (I have to say he's wrong though. Wall-Mart at 2 am is amazing and terrifying).

- More than one person has informed me that cupcakes are no longer hip. There are two reason I don't agree:
1. Cupcakes have the perfect ratio of cake to frosting and that can never be a bad thing.
2. People make hockey themed cupcakes! That's an automatic pass to coolsville for me.

"Vegan Voorhees" cupcakes

 -Your Wikipedia hockey page for today- "Hayley Wickenheiser"

- Why did I get rid of my N64? I could be playing this and I could  still be dominating at Uniracers. Oh man was I good at that game.

- Kitty time!

funny pictures - Tis be mah profile picture  for da laaadiess
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