Tuesday, January 31, 2012

YouTube Tuesday

I don't know about you guys, but the Everblades have been slightly depressing to think about lately. On top of that, the Reading Royals are coming to town and they're only four points behind in the standings. Spectacular.

Instead of diggin around for Everblades videos I did what I normally do when I'm feeling less than cheerful. Ladies and gentlemen... adorable kittens and puppies!

Some quick notes:
- The Blades traded Falite to Utah for Shane Owen. Considering how well he played against us after we released him last season, I'm not surprised we made a move to get him back.

This is only because I can't find a picture of him in a Blades jersey.

Billy Sauer (and his cheekbones) were traded to the Stingrays to make room for Owen.

- There are two more Blades on Twitter to follow. Shane Owen, who has been on Twitter longer than most players that I know of, and Lightning prospect Kevin Quick.

- Last but not least, please observe an imbecile in action and the appropriate response you should have to massive levels of stupidity.

*Snap* you go Woody, tell that goober what's what.

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  1. Keep lol cats and other critters coming, when ice action lacks appeal;-)!


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