Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Links

The Blades are in South Carolina to take on the Stingrays tonight. Here's a few links to keep you busy until you can catch the game on the radio.

- Your Wikipedia hockey page "Backhand Slapshot"

- The Gwinnett Gladiators signed a baseball player to be an honorary player. Perhaps the Blades should sign one of the Red Sox (or Twins, whatever).

- I wish I had a chance to wear these NES Hockey Cufflinks. Sadly, I don't wear anything that requires cufflinks.

- If you've never come across Greatest Hockey Legends in your Internet hockey travels, you have to check it out. Perhaps this is the history nerd in me, but I love all the hockey history you get over there.

- This story (written by a moron who can't tell the difference between Miami and Sunrise) ranked our two NHL clubs very low in his rankings of who deserves the Stanley cup. Luckily, The Litter Box Cats pointed out his mistake.

- It would be too bad if this happened to our old scoreboard...

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