Tuesday, March 2, 2010

YouTube Tuesday: Becks Edition

I knew I would not get to the re-cap for Saturdays game. I just couldn't be happy for the Blades when poor Ryan Miller was so sad. The guys did play a really great game against the Stingrays.

They came from behind once again, eventually forcing a shootout. There was one person who seems to have been a big reason for that win. That's why this YouTube Tuesday is dedicated to goalie Chris Beckford-Tseu (I really wish I had a better video). I've made a little mental note to get a better Becks video on Thursday with my brand new DSLR camera (thats the last time I'm going to mention my new camera, I swear). Anyway, enjoy...

After the Stingrays slipped two goals past him Becks decided to shut them down. They were not able to get another past him. He stopped 47 of the 49 shots he faced, and didn't let a single get past him in the shootout. That time over on the East coast practicing with the Panthers seems to have lit a fire in his belly. His play the last few games has been incredible. It's good to see him playing to the best of his abilities when we need him the most.

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