Friday, March 12, 2010

Live Blog: Blades vs. Stingrays (3/12)

The Blades are taking on the Stingrays tonight. This will be the first of a two game series. They really need to come away with some points tonight.

Check back for the first period...

I was very opptimistic about this game. I thought a whole week off would see a well-rested, prepared team. The Stingray scored 27 seconds in to the game.


You know it's not going well when Brad Zanon seems to be taking all the shots. A Stingray goal with about five minutes left made me turn on the Pens/Devils game. The period ended 2-0.

The radio guy was kind enough to point out the Stingrays win percentage is 83% when they lead at the end of the first, ugh.

Check back for the second and third, if you dare...

The Blades couldn't get anything going. Brady Calla was called for boarding in the opening minutes. The Blades were able to kill the penalty. Unfortunately, the Stingrays scored again in the closing minutes to make it 3-0. Now the Blades have a big hole to dig out of.

Here's hoping for a miracle in the third...

Except for Brandon Buck's goal, which made the score 3-1, it was another crappy period. And they lost a game, and points, they badly needed.

The Blades always seem to play horribly after a long break. The only positive I can see is that it wasn't a shut-out. Hopefully, Cameron gives them a nice, long, loud, lecture in the locker room. The boys need to wake up before they take on the Stingrays tomorrow at 5.

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