Friday, March 5, 2010

More Pictures!

As promised here are some player shots from yesterdays game. If you want to see a larger version just click the picture. Enjoy!

(Brady Calla)

(Shea Guthrie)

(Ernie Hartlieb)

(Elgin Reid, Ross Carlson, and Milan Gajic)

(Mathieu Roy, and Brady Calla)

(Above and Below, Phil Paquet)

(Above and Below, Elgin Reid)

(Shea Guthrie)

(Scott Hotham)

(Dominic Osman)

(Phil Paquet)

(Elgin Reid)

(Brandon Buck)

(Matt Duffy)

(Elgin Reid)

(Matt Duffy, Ernie Hartlieb, Brandon Buck, Milan Gajic, and Shea Guthrie)

(Benn Olson)


  1. Nice camera work! Isn't it great having all those megapixels so you can crop?

  2. Nice pics!! I feel like I need a new camera now.


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