Thursday, March 4, 2010

Live Blog: Blades vs. Gladiators (3/4)

The Blades start a three game series against the Gwinnett Gladiators tonight. The view from my seat is incredible. Check back for the in-game re-cap!

The early part of the first period was controlled by the Gladiators. A power play goal by Matt Duffy put the Blades up 1-0. The period was going well until the last two minutes when the Gladiators slipped one past Becks. It was a less physical game than the Blades usually have with the Gladiators, but overall it was a decent period.

Check back for the second and third!

Well, the second period sucked. I really can't think of anything else to say. The Glads scored 47 seconds into the first to make it 2-1. There were two scrums close together, one involving Calla and the other Zanon. The Blades were on their toes the rest of the period, and the Glads scored again to make it 3-1. There was a glimmer of hope in the closing minutes, when they looked like they remembered they were playing a game.

Hopefuly the guys wake up for the third...

As usual the Blades decided to play some hockey in the third. A goal in the opening seconds by Guthrie narrowed the score to 3-2. Later in the period a flukey goal was notched by Roy when it trickled right through the pads of Gwinnett's goalie. That tied it up 3-3 it got the crowd going. Another goal by Gajic put the Blades ahead 4-3 with 2:38 to go. The Glads pulled their goalie but they couldn't tie it up. The Blades won the game in regulation for once, and they take on the Gladiators tomorrow.

There was also an incident at the end of the game, Roy was given a 10 minute misconduct. I can't recall  what it was for,  but i'm sure we'll hear about it tomorrow...

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