Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Links

After a magnificently lazy day I've finally dragged myself to the computer to serve you a heaping helping of the hockey links I know you all love (this is what I tell myself at least).

- First, I'm going to ask you guys one more time. Please head over to Facebook and vote for Caity! One of her competitors has supports who don't seem to believe that a lady is capable of loving and knowing about hockey. Not cool. The Everblades were one of the reasons she fell in love with hockey! Let's help a fellow fan out. After you vote please consider adding it to your wall and getting your friends involved. They harass you to vote for their dog or baby in contests the least they could do is vote for Caity.

- Next, some Blades news. Tickets go on sale this weekend! Yay! Also, Everbabes tryouts are tomorrow. Uh... yay?

- Your Wikipedia hockey page of the day- "India National Ice Hockey Team". Yeah, I had no idea either.

- Whats more awesome than a hockey themed cake? Probably a hockey themed cake with adorable animals playing hockey!

Animals playing hockey cake

- I had no idea what cribbage was until I Googled it.Honestly, I'm still not quite sure what it's all about, but this hockey cribbage board is still neat.

- I found a Blades jersey on eBay one of you lovely readers may like. The boys wore that style from 04-07 and it was the first re-design the Blades jerseys went through. The next re-design introduced the terrible crossed alligator tail logo that only lasted for a year (thank god).

- Some interesting reading- "10 interesting facts you may not know about the miracle on ice"

- It's kitty time!

funny pictures - RAWR
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