Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Links

We're closing in on hockey season. Just a few more servings of fresh Friday Links to keep you going.

- Before we go any further let me say this. If you are at any hockey game, actually, any public event, and you see someone do something racist or whatever offensive -ist they happen to do, it is your responsibility as a decent human being to get security or someone of authority involved. Aside from the fact that throwing something onto a sporting field or ice sheet is dangerous to the athletes (who's livelyhoods depend on not having broken bones or torn ligaments), it can also harm someone sitting in front of the person doing the throwing. It's just not cool, and it's everyones responsibility to keep public spaces civil.
- The ECHL approved a new team. The San Francisco Bull will start playing in the Western confrence next season. They'll be playing in the historic Cow Palace. The home to the San Jose Sharks for the first two season of their exhistance.
-  Which leads to your Wikipedia hockey page for today- "Cow Palace"

- I think the only thing better than a hockey themed cake is hockey themed cupcakes.

- This goalie made out of licence plates is the neatest thing ever.
- The Greatest Hockey Legends blog has a great post on hockey board games.
- Ohhh... now I get it.

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