Friday, September 30, 2011

A Look Inside: Training Camp Roster

The first step to examining who is who at training camp is to learn the guys already on the team. As of right now, these are your 11-12 Everblades:

Learn them, love them, pick a favorite or a least favorite (amazingly I haven't yet).

Worth noting- a couple of guys on this list are currently trying out with an AHL club, and obviously won't be in camp.

Now, time to examine the guys trying out. Remeber, practice is supposed to happen at 2:45 on the Green rink at Germain.

Ernie Hartlieb
Do I even have to post his stats?

Lucas LaBelle

Oleg Kuzmin-
You may remember him trying out last season. He played last season with the Jr. Blades and absolutely tore up their league.

Colin Reddin-

Jesse Gimblett-
One of a pair of twins trying out (scroll down for his brother).

Tyson Gimblett-

Kent Trentowski

Brian Markowicz
-Our emergency back-up goaltender for large chunks of last year. He never played in a game, though he came close to beiung put in at least once.

Scott Darling

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