Tuesday, September 20, 2011

You Tube Tuesday: He's Baaack!

I love any sort of announcement from the Everblades. They are, for the most part, one of the most reliable sources of good news to land in my Twitter stream, facebook wall or inbox. My favorite announcement is, by far, a player signing. The only way they make those announcemnts better is to announce a player I liked has decided to come back.

Seriously, it's just like getting a hockey themed cake for your birthday. Not that I'm dropping hints or anything guys (if I was I'd mention a half Blades, half Penguins cake that somehow involves Iceburg and Swampee hugging would be the greatest thing on Earth).

Where was I? Uh, yeah... David Fischer is back!

Still my favorite phot from last season. Awwww.

How can I not be happy? We get more of this:

My view of the tail end of the same fight:

Oh man. Season really is almost here. I'm so ready.

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