Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Links

I know I'm not the only one who was looking forward to today. The first day of training camp means we're so close to season you can see it. To celebrate what is essentially hockey Thanksgiving by making today's links all about the Blades. It's a Bladestraviganza!

- First up, a definition of hockey Thanksgiving- We're close enough to Christmas (opening night) you can taste it, but not quite there yet. To make up for it you see a ton of old friends you haven't talked to much for the last six months and maybe eat some pretty unhealthy food (anything you buy in the arena).

- Just as I was writing this post I saw three more signings pop up.

- Stories on this season's roster from the NDN and News-Press. According to both articles the team is "younger" "hungrier" and "grittier". Okeydokey then.

- A new season means you need a new jersey (at least that's what I tell myself to excuse having four jerseys in my closet) Lucky for you, there are quite a few Everblades jerseys on eBay right now. This one looks like the best deal to me (a little too big for my tastes).

- Remember former Blade Shane Hnidy? Looks like he'll be an analyst for the Winnipeg Jets radio broadcast.

- This has nothing to do with the Everblades, but it was so funny I had to post it.

Funny Pictures - The Most Interesting Cat in the World
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Be sure to check back later for a breakdown of all the training camp invitees!

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