Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pink in the Rink!

The Everblades will be celebrating another "Pink in the Rink" February 19th and 20th. On the 19th you can check out information provided by the cancer charities on hand. And on the 20th there will be a mini-relay and tailgate party before the game. The Blades will also be sporting special pink jerseys.

And, lucky for all of you, I found some pictures from last year's "Pink in the Rink" while cleaning out my picture folders recently. Enjoy the flashback everyone...

Finding these pictures brought back a lot of memories. Remember Leggio? How about the (now defunct) Mississippi Sea Wolves? The best part is this trip down memory lane is this video of the
 starting line-up.

It makes me a bit sad to realize that only two of those guys are still with the Blades. I'm also a bit sad that I missed Ernie's hair cut last year, wasn't able to bid on any of those jerseys, and won't be able to bid this year.

On another note, Barry Brust has gone back to Houston. Also, I'm still am not over McJannet leaving. At least the weather cleared up, I guess that's something right?

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  1. Poor things, now you lost BOTH least the weather is fine again!The hockey gipsies are on the move AGAIN!


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