Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pictures and a Plug

I have to get in a quick plug for the Everblades podcast. You can hear me attempt to sound intelligent on this weeks podcast. It was pretty exciting, and the Naples Daily News offices were gorgeous (I wanted to take pictures but I thought that might be weird). This is my first time ever doing a podcast/interview and I think it went well. Please check it out.

And here are some pictures from the series with the Gladiators...


  1. Great job! I've been avoiding a radio show for a while now because I'm afraid of how I'll sound.

  2. You shouldn't Keith, once I took a deep breath and relaxed it was actually fun. It also helped that Woody gave me the questions in advance so I could be a little prepared. I think I did ok for my first try at "talking hockey", I'm sure you could do 20 times better.


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