Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Links

Here's another round of Friday links, have fun!

- In honor of Brandon Bucks natural hat-trick Tuesday (the first I've ever seen in person) your Wikipedia hockey page for today is hat-trick!

- My Zamboni obsession continues, check out this very old article from the Sports Illustrated vault. This may give away my age but I can't help myself, this article is almost as old as I am!

- I'm not into cars, or the Blackhawks, but this car is just plain awesome! Even if I'm more of a Mustang kinda girl...

- More ugly jerseys, this time from our affiliate the River Rats (more on the move to Charlotte Sunday).

- I meant to put this in the last post. Check out all my new scribbles! I really think a certain someone should rent out her scribble attaining abilities...


  1. Okay I saw "very old" and thought the article was gonna be from the 60s... :) Sheesh. Gonna go slather some wrinkle cream around my eyes now. Haha!

  2. Did you say Very OLD, little ones? :-)! :-)!

  3. I think I have a right now that I'm being referred to as a cougar. I'll try to watch my ageist use of adverbs in the future. ;)


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