Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Links: Khudobin Edition

One of my favorite things about being an ECHL fan is seeing a player work his way up the ladder to the big time. As excited as I was when Flick scored a hat trick in the AHL, seeing Anton Khudobin play in his first NHL game was amazing. First, a little flashback...

Sadly, I wasn't able to catch most of the game, luckily the hockey gods were smiling down on me. I got home from class, turned on my TV, found the game on center ice, and a few minutes later Khudobin was in net. I can't describe how happy I was without embarrassing myself.

And so, in honor of Anton Khudobin's first NHL game and victory I'm dedicating these Friday Links to him (and his adorable dimples), enjoy!

- The Third Intermission (my favorite Aeros blog) has a first hand account from someone at the game, as well as an interview and awesome videos.

- Michael Russo, a must read writer if your interested in the Wild, has two different re-caps. His blog piece is here. And his story in the Star Tribune is here.

- Hockey Wilderness has a re-cap that name drops the Everblades (I'm aware of how lame I am for being excited about that).

- There is a little mention in the honorable mention section in this Puck Daddy post.

- I'm tempted to buy this team Kazakhstan jersey now...

- Or this signed team Russia photo.

The Blades take on the Checkers again tonight at 7:00. I'll be tweeting as I listen to the radio broadcast, so check back.


  1. RE: You being excited I named dropped the Everblades on Hockey Wilderness.

    It's actually kind of funny, because we follow your blog to get info about them. Usually it does not apply much to the Wild, but with Brust up and down, Buck up and down, and now the story of Anton front and center...

    We also read up on the gamers from Woody, but there is not a lot of info out there about the Everblades.

    I was at my part time gig the other day and a kid walked in with an Everblades t-shirt on. I about jumped out of my skin. Never before in MN had a seen anything ECHL related unless it was mine.

    Stronge the way all of this comes together...

  2. I'm kind of wondering what the story was behind the kid in an Everblades shirt. I get weird looks and tons of questions when I wear mine in the town they play in. I hope you gave that kid a high five, he obviously has good taste. ;)

  3. Everblades sweat shirt now also worn in Houston, at times ;-) after our visit there!
    Plus now a photo pin of Dimples will be attached to it .. And my blog tries to catch hockey and, of course, art doings whereever we travel! Which with the current weather up north and east, we restrict to Texas LOL. Stars vs. Riverme for instance last Saturday!


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