Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blades vs. Alumni Recap

I think it's safe to say the inaugural Alumni game was a resounding success. All the players looked like they were having fun, and everyone around me seemed to be having fun as well. I was a little sad they only played two periods (and didn't switch sides), but it was still an awesome game. Theses are only a few of the pictures from last night. I should have everything up on the Flickr page late Saturday.

Two moments from last night really stood out to me. The first was when Vladimir Nikiforov was trying to put on a show. Tom Buckly looked at him like he was crazy and threw him into the glass. The other was at the end of the second period. Mitch McColm took on Michael Grenzy. At the time I called it the nicest hockey fight I've ever seen, and it really was. I'm hoping this becomes a regular event. It was great to have fun  and raise money at the same time.

It wasn't all fun though, I did pay attention for you guys. In no particular order some of my thought on watching the guys in action:
  • Mitch McColm seems to be becoming a leader on the team.
  • Evgeny Timkin is either a really likeable guy or a really funny guy. He had all the other players on the ice smiling and laughing.
  • Vladimir Nikiforov does this little turn thing anytime he's challenged by another player.
  • I'm glad Reid has returned, I didn't realize how much I enjoyed him playing.
  • The Everblades had Reed Swanson and Brian Makowicz in net. Given the choice I'd go with Makowicz simply because he had a whole Tim Thomas thing going on (and I love that in a goalie).
  • Nate Zervos, Bobby Goepfert, Phil Paquet, Mathieu Roy, Shea Guthrie, Trevor Hendrikx, Mike McKenzie, and Ross Carlson didn't dress for the game. There were two players in the stand watching, but I was on the opposite side of the arena so I couldn't tell.

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