Friday, October 29, 2010

Blades vs. K-Wings (10/29/10)

The Everblades took on the Kalamazoo Wings for the second night of a three game series. With the come from behind victory on Wednesday, the Blades were looking for another win tonight.

First, the game sheet.

The Blades had to start off on the wrong foot by giving up the first goal because it's the Blades and that's how they roll now. Seriously, that's seven games in a row that they've given up the first goal. It wasn't entirely the Blades fault, the K-Wings were very dominant for most of the first period. Lucky for the Blades undisciplined play caught up with the K-Wings. A penalty for closing the hand on the puck (stupidest penalty ever) was quickly followed by a tripping call. The Blades were able to take advantage of the 5 on 3 with a  power play goal from Francis Lemieux. Mathieu Roy was able to follow that up with another power play tally to give the team a 2-1 advantage leaving the ice.

The opening minutes of the second period saw the K-Wings even it up with a short handed goal. Thankfully, this lit a fire under the Blades and they quickly answered with two goals. The first from Matt Beca gave them the 3-2 lead. This was followed by a short handed goal for the Blades by Alex Hutchings to make it 4-2. Mitch Fadden then notched on in the closing minutes of the period for a good old fashioned back breaking goal.

You could tell that the K-Wings just didn't feel it in the third. They had a few moments, but ultimately they couldn't get past the wall Bobby Goepfert had erected. As you would expect things got pretty chippy with lots of shoving and scuffles. Matthew Pistilli was nice enough to rub salt in the K-Wings wounds with a second short handed goal for the Everblades to make it 6-2.

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Some quick thoughts:
- The team looked awesome overall. It really looks like they've all got the system figured out. It really is a beautiful system when it's actually working. I love the speed.

- Bobby Goepfert has been absolutely amazing. He's calm, focused, and fast. You can tell he's already become a fan favorite, and can you really blame us? He saluted the fans as he left the ice, the dude is classy.

-Speaking of Goepfert, he's second in the ECHL in minutes and saves, and is in the top ten for every other category.

 - Speaking of being top in the ECHL... Alexandre Imbeault leads the league with the most goals, and is second in power play goals. Mitch Fadden is third in assists while Matt Pistilli is second in short handed goals.

- Hopefully, the boys keep it up. They have one more game on Saturday before they go on a two week road-trip through the division.

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