Tuesday, October 26, 2010

YouTube Tuesday

The Everblades are back in town after a rather unsuccessful road trip. This week the Everblades will be hosting the undefeated Kalamazoo Wings (3-0-0) for three games. The Blades have not always had the best of luck against the Wings. In fact, this video showcases one of my top 10 worst moments from last season:

The big news is, of course, the return of A.J. Thelen. After the Blades passed on resigning him, he received a deal with the Wings. Last season was terrible for him, especially after his ongoing concussion issues cost him a huge chunk of the season. He did have his bright moments though...

I'm sure he's not exactly looking forward to coming back. He was harassed by the fans when he played for the Everblades, can you imagine what everyone's going to come up with now that he's the enemy? If you have a good idea for a Thelen chant please share it in the comments. If you happen to make a sign please send me a picture. If I have enough entries I'll give the best sign a prize (the Everblades themed scarf I made last year sound good?).

A quick programming note: I won't be at Wednesdays game as I somehow managed to get amazing seats for the Penguins vs. Lightning game (thank you lightning pre-sale!). However, I am planning on making Fridays game as well as getting back into the habit of doing a re-cap for each game. I feel horrible for getting so lazy in the off-season.

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