Monday, October 11, 2010

News and Notes

- The Jr. Blades won both their games this weekend. They are undefeated so far this season. The team has tweeted a preview of the game notes for this weekends series against the Atlanta Hawks.

- I got all the pictures from the Alumni game and Fridays game against Greenville up on Flickr.

- You can check out the game summaries for the two games against the Road warriors here and here. I have no idea why they announced the three stars wrong on Friday (they said McColm [who didn't even play], Raymond Nikiforov), but they seem to have corrected it.

- One of our affiliates has finally sent us a goalie. The Charlotte Checkers have reassigned Bobby Goepfert to the Everblades.Check out his stats:

- The Checkers have also assigned defenceman Kyle Lawson. His stats:

- I have to link to this blog post that talks about the growth of youth hockey in Florida. Especially because of the mention of two local boys R.J. Boyd and David Bohem.

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