Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Re-Cap: Everblades vs Wranglers (5/22/12)

What is there to say about last night's Everblades game? The guys were awesome most of the time and any time they weren't John Muse was giving us reason to scream "MOOOOOOOSEEEEEE" as loud as we could.

A very rare specimen of Northeastern Arena Moose (massholias bamfus)
The guys have a chance to end our 14 years of waiting tonight. There probably won't be a single seat available by the time the game starts. All the local news stations are making the Blades a top story rather than a five second blurb once a week.

Basically, down is up and right is left, and it feels so good.

The pictures from last night (including awesome shots of the player intros)

My video of Ryan Donald getting jumped after a completely clean hit:

Because it's worked so far:

Tonight's might just be the night:

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