Friday, May 25, 2012

What is There Left to Say?

I've struggled with what exactly I want to say about everything that's happened. Patially, it's because this writing thing has never been my gift. I'm certainly more comfortable behind a camera or spreading the Blades gospel on social media. Partially it's also because, as harsh as it is to say, I certainly didn't imagine this would be the season that the Everblades would win the Kelly Cup.

I know! Bad blogger, bad, bad blogger.

Now, I hoped and believed, because I can't help but be overly optimistic about the things I love. I felt something similar to what I felt about the Penguins in 2009 while they were going through all their various trials and tribulations. That  feeling that there was maybe something special about to happen. Something was hovering just on the horizon.

But, in the logical part of my brain I was always prepared for another letdown. Another goal just over the goalies shoulder in OT (I'm still pissed about your positioning on that Leggio), another loss of heart and will at the worst possible moment.

It never happened though, and I think that's why I'm still a bit stunned.

We had a group of players that were always overlooked (I'm still not entirely sure how you do that with so many awards the players had under their collective belts, but it happened).

Sure, we loved them and believed in them, because that's what we do as fans, but no one else seemed to.

Maybe that's what makes this victory so sweet. No one else truly believed as much as we all did in our hearts.

Think about it.

The Greenville fans were so sure that their squad, one of the best in the regular season was going to steamroll over our boys. That didn't happen.

Elmira fans were sure to tell us about knocking us out in the playoffs before and that history was sure to repeat itself. That didn't happen.

After one win Kalamazoo fans were already planning trips to Vegas or Alaska because their squad was obviously going to triumph. That didn't happen.

Then Vegas came along. Talking trash about swamp people and their town and their team. Their fabulous forward that lead the league all season. Their amazing unstoppable goalie, the ECHL. They won their first game and they started planning parades. That didn't happen.

Instead, something else happened.

A squad no one really noticed. A squad that was perpetually underestimated.

They won the Kelly Cup.

When you really look, it makes sense. I can't recall ever seeing a team that seemed to be so committed to each other and their mission. I can't recall ever seeing a team with so much heart.

I guess I really shouldn't have been surprised. We saw the spark so many times during the season. No matter how many injuries and roster shuffling, the players always managed to keep their hearts in it.


I don't think anyone deserved it more than them. No one.

It feels good. It feels really good. I don't know if there are really any words to really summarize everything. There may never be just the right words. I'm happy. Happy for the players, and all the people who work for the team, happy for the fans that have been going to games for years, and happy for the new fans who have discovered something pretty great.

I'm just plain happy.

Be sure to check back tomorrow and Sunday. I'm going to split the roster in half and go in depth into why, exactly, the dude rocks.

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