Saturday, May 26, 2012

Thank You (pt. 1)

 As I promised Yesterday, here's the first half of the roster and why they rock. For simplicity, we're going in alphabetical order.

Matt Beca

Matt Beca- 72 assists this season, including the assist that led to the cup clinching goal. Team leader in points during the regular season. Holy shit dude. That's impressive.

Trevor Bruess

Trevor Bruess- You're a heat seeking SCUD missile on skates. I've now developed that habit of going "Oooooh, you've been Bruessed!" anytime I see a big hit in hockey. Please keep the mohawk.

Ryan Donald

Ryan Donald- I always breathed a sigh of relief when you hit the ice. Nothing shady ever went down on your watch and for that, I'm grateful. I don't think any beard will ever compare to yours. 

David Fischer

David Fischer- Sweet mother Mary you can move the puck, can't you? I'm still not sure why you haven't been given more of a chance at the AHL level. What a bunch of idiots they are. Stay strong dude.

Rylan Galiardi

Rylan Galiardi- I have to start out by apologizing for spelling your name wrong for half the season. I've never experienced such a long brain fart. My bad. You're the type of guy I love seeing on a hockey team I cheer for. Nothing flashy, just good hockey.

Brayden Irwin

Brayden Irwin- I'm completely mystified by your ability to be in just the right spot at just the right moment. It's freaky. Also, holy shit was my initial dislike off base. Like so far off base I was in another solar system. For that I'm sorry, I'm a total jerk.

Charles Landry

Charles Landry- You play with so much determination. I hope you never lose that drive. It's something special. I'll always fondly remember how many photos of you making weird faces during games I had to delete.

Brandon MacLean

Brandon MacLean- You're not capable of giving anything less than 200% are you? You definitely earned that game winner. You never slacked off or quit. If you don't come back and play a full season as a Blades it better be because you got an AHL deal.

Matt Marquardt

Matt Marquardt- The best way to describe you is quietly productive. Also, you're a pretty big dude and man could you lay hits when you decided to. I'm still not sure how I managed to spell your name correctly all the time and not Rylan Galiardi's.

Ryan McGinnis

Ryan McGinnis- I can't tell you how good it was to see you return to the Blades. You're entirely underestimated in your ability to move the puck. Ryan Weston will never leave my shit list thanks to that terrible hit. Get well soon.

Cedric McNicoll

Cedric McNicoll- After how well you played last season, I was shocked you were sent down. The Checkers stupidity was our gain obviously Mr. Playoff Points Leader. I find it very hard to believe you'll be enjoy the sand and sun next season.

John Muse

John Muse- You're proof that the drafting system doesn't work. Blades fans have waited 14 years for a goalie like you and I think I speak for everyone when I say we feel lucky to have seen you play. If you don't receive a two way NHL contract for next season something is wrong with the universe.

Check back tomorrow for the rest of the list!


  1. Dead right on Muse and Donald. If Muse isn't playing in the AHL next season, it'd be a crime, and I could see him spending major time in the NHL (at least as a backup) within 3, assuming he stays as productive as he was this year.

    As for Donald.... his beard was fit for a viking. Like, as mighty a playoff beard as anyone on the team had, period.

    1. With Murphy off to Mother Russia the Canes really should lock him down. I can't believe any team can continue to underestimate him any longer. The dude is a big game goalie. On top of that, Peters is a UFA and no one's exactly sure if that Swedish prospect is coming over or not. Now's the time Canes!

      And Donald, well, once my friend started referring to him as Thor I couldn't think of him as anything else.


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