Sunday, May 27, 2012

Thank You (pt. 2)

Here's the second half of the roster and why they rock. Once again, we're going in alphabetical order.

Pat Nagle

Pat Nagle It's pretty unfair that you're not receiving credit for keeping us in the playoffs. You had two shutouts in the playoffs! Two! Any other goalie might not be able to handle the position you were put into, but you handled it with grace. You're also extremely photogenic, and I appreciate that.

Sebastien Piche

Sebatien Piche- I don't think Lightning fans realize how lucky they are to have acquired you in a trade, but they will. If Bruess is a Scud missile you're undoubtedly an anti-tank missile. I almost felt bad for the guys you laid big hits on. Almost.

Scott Pitt

Scott Pitt-You were one of the best rookies in the league this season. Frankly, you're just fun to watch. I honestly don't expect to see you here next season, there are plenty of AHL teams that need a player like you.

Kevin Quick

Kevin Quick- You really showed up in the playoffs didn't you. It was almost like watching a totally different player. Also, I heard you're an animal person and that's an automatic plus with me.

Mike Ratchuck

Mike Ratchuk- It's safe to say you were the best trade acquisition this season. I'm completely convinced that you have rockets instead of feet. It was always exciting to see you flip on the afterburners and leave the opposing players dazed in your wake. Please don't leave the Blades for the Komets.

Bobby Raymond

Bobby Raymond- I don't think I've hidden the fact that you've been my favorite skater for the last two seasons. To quote one of the fan club ladies "It's just fun to watch him skate". You're another guy I don't expect to see back next season. You definitely deserve an AHL contract.

Mathieu Roy

Mathieu Roy- There's a reason you were the first Blades captain to win us a Kelly Cup. Don't ever change and don't ever leave.

David Rutherford

David Rutherford- There's a reason you've won so many championships, and it's because you never quit and you won't let anyone else quit. You look really good in green and navy dude. Just saying.

Leigh Salters

Leigh Salters- I always felt kind of bad for any guy dumb enough to fight you or any goalie on the losing end of your screens. You were definitely a fan favorite for a reason.

Justin Shugg

Justin Shugg- You were only down here because you were on the losing end of the numbers game, and I'm grateful for that. You certainly deserve the nickname Shuggernaut. I can't wait to hear about you tearing up the AHL next season.

Joe Sova

Joe Sova- I feel bad that I didn't get to see you play that much. I liked what little I saw though, so there's that. I really doubt we'll see you in a Blades jersey next season.

That's it till the usual Tuesday post and of course the party the team is throwing from 5-11! If they run out of championship gear by the time you get there it's all my fault (or yours for getting there so late).

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