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Recap: Everblades vs. Kalamazoo (05/03/12 & 05/04/12)

Here’s the skinny...
The Everblades won on Wednesday (7-0) and Thursday (7-3). Yes, I know you were expecting at least part of this news yesterday, but I was totally slacking (not really mydaywasterribleandifitcouldgowrongitdid). However, the bright sunny patch was the Everblades win.
On the plus side you now get a double helping of recap and a fun surprise at the end.
Everblades vs. Kalamazoo 05/02/12
7th Man
Big props to the Everblades fan base for uniting and showing support. While attendance was only in the 3,000’s (1,000ish more than in KZoo) it was a good showing for weekday games. Also, the fan participation is superb and the creativity keeps on flowing. 

I try not to be too harsh, but Matt Beca's name was misspelled again. This happened at the beginning of the season, but was corrected after the first game. Apparently someone forgot to delete the file. While not chronological, Mike Ratchuk also suffered some name butchering on the jumbotron with an added e.
Middle frame madness
The Everblades had a ridiculous second period. I’ll say it again: Brayden Irwin. Irwin scored three goals on five shots. The man was on fire. Hat’s off to you Mr. Irwin.
Muse-ic to my ears
I’m going to continuously make muse-ic puns, you’ll just have to deal. John Muse recorded his first post-season shutout, stopping all 28 Kalamazoo shots. 
Gator Showers
As number one indicates the fans have been a huge part of this years playoff push. They have spawned a new tradition: after wins, tiny plastic alligators sprinkle onto the ice. The players have even adopted it as a hashtag on twitter #gatorshowers

*honorable mention: I only ever list five officially, but Mathieu Roy’s goal was highlight reel worthy. 

For the score sheet click here
Everblades vs. Kalamazoo 05/03/12
Roy is a boss
There is a serious reason he is the captain. Everyone likes a player who is willing to sacrifice their body. Mathieu Roy is that man. There was a time during the game after he blocked two shots that all I could say was, “the marks on that poor mans body”. However, Roy is well Roy and whether it be his fearless shot blocking, penchant for fisticuffs or love of cats Everblades fans rightly love him.
Blood in the water
Kalamazoo’s Nick Sirota delivered a high stick that caused blood to pool on the ice. For that he earned himself a nice double minor. His teammate Mike Matczak added a cross check to give the ‘Blades a five on three opportunity. David Fischer quickly cashed in.

Brayyyyyyyden Irrrrrrwinnnnn
Brayden Irwin once again put on a show. Selected as the first star of the game, Irwin was a +3 with four points (1g, 3a) on the night. All the haters can officially suck it.

You scored! 
Charles Landry’s face was priceless. As was his interaction with Cedric McNicoll as McNicoll assured Landry it was his goal. The first period tally was Landry’s third all time as an Everblade and first of the playoffs.

Please don’t stop the Muse-ic
Yes, another poor pun. In all seriousness Muse was definitely interesting from a stats perspective. He shows up all over the score sheet in some unexpected (not really it’s Muse. Expect the unexpected). He was penalized for tripping, earned a secondary assist on the final goal and stopped 28 shots for the second night in a row. What’s the goalie equivalent to a hat trick?

Honorable mention: David Rutherford played like a beast. His speed was essential and his two goals are nothing to shrug off. 

For the score sheet click here
Alright, now it’s time for your surprise. Swamphockey and I braved Breakaways to secure you guys some autographed pictures. 8 x 10 photos are gorgeous and signed by the individual player. 
Now I’m sure you’re asking yourself “how do I get one?”. Well, it’s pretty easy... just be the first person to answer the trivia question in the comments section correctly (hint: the answers in the blog).
Question: Who do I claim has an “Ovi inspired goal celebration”?

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