Tuesday, May 15, 2012

YouTube Tuesday

Let's not even kid ourselves. Losing sucks.

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Unfortunately, the Everblades couldn't win every single game. It just wouldn't be fair and honestly, it would make their victories a little less exciting. Of course,  that's not going to stop me from feeling a little grumpy (staying up so late hasn't helped either, I'm sure).

It doesn't matter though. This is a best of seven series and the Blades have plenty of time. It only takes the bounces shifting our way for the tide to turn. Ratchuck started it last night. Now the other guys have to finish it.

It's time to forget last night and get ourselves into the right frame of mind. Luckily, This song is totally appropriate.

Of course, in my world anything by The Clash is an appropriate choice.

On an unrelated note, comments are back to requiring our approval because Wranglers fans have had all their brain cells fried by the heat and I'm not wasting Bloggers server space with their idiocy.

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