Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Links: Everblades Edition!

Hockey season is officially here! It took long enough, eh?

- Woody over at the Blades' Blog has a nice round-up of everything you need to know for this season. He gets major points for linking to my very favorite Everblades fan blogger. What great taste that guy has! Huh. Where did that stuff on my nose come from?

- Your Wikipedia hockey page for today- "Florida Everblades!"

- This penny hockey game is too cool. Good thing my Birthday isn't too far away cough, cough.

- Looks like Tyler Helfrich is on Twitter. I think this picture is a must by the way.


- Apparently Robby Dee is as well, but he has his tweets protected so I'll leave him alone. You can check out my list of current and former players here.

- Gotta say, I'm not a fan of the Stingrays military jerseys. I'm going to hope they look better in person.

- In the process of moving over the summer I discovered that I have a ton of Everblades stuff. Well, maybe not a ton, but it does fill a box. So here's the deal. I'm going to give my junk to you and pretend it's a really fun prize. Time for the first contest to win my Blades junk stuff: About all I'll be donning to celebrate opening night is my jersey and a cute nail polish. You guys might be planning on going all out. Like body paint and wigs all out. If you do, send me a picture. The winner gets this really awesome (stretching things, right?) 09 Kelly Cup rally towel (the hunky model is not included). I'll post the picture on the blog for everyone to see too.

- That reminds me, the ECHL is hosting a neat contest over on their Facebook page. They're going to select a fan photo of the day and feature it. You just have to post it on their wall. Obviously, we need to let the rest of the league know which team has the best fans. Get on it guys!
 - I can't make the alumni game tomorrow. I'd love if someone could send me pictures.
- It's good to see that this kitty is an Everblades fans too.

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