Thursday, October 13, 2011

News Round-Up

- First up, the Everblades have now released every single player they had under try-out. Considering how the play in last Friday's game looked, that might not have been a terrible idea. The Blades also traded away Evan Stephens to Chicago (I'm sure that won't bite us in the butt later or anything) and released Greger Hanson.

- The Blades then went and traded with Elmira (I still get an immediate reaction of "icky" to that name) and received Dominic D'Amour in return for future considerations. I'm happy with this move by the way. Any move to bring back any member of the 08-09 roster is automatically approved.

- Yeah... Scott Pitt and DJ Rutherford are on the IR list already.

- Here's your updated roster!

- The Jr. Blades continue to dominate their league. Their next two games are in town on the 29th and 30th (the Skatium for the former and Germain for the latter date). You really should check them out. I've enjoyed every game I've been to.
- This gave me an intense case of the happys: An ECHL team in Orlando! Road trips! Instant Rivalry! Road trips with built in trips to Disney/Universal/Sea World and maybe a stop in Tampa for good measure! Awesome. I hope this goes down. I can't wait to invade their arena and be the most obnoxious visiting fan on Earth.

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