Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Links

The Blades play their first road game of the season tonight. They also play tomorrow and Sunday night. That's about a 317 mile trip in under three days. Fun right?

- Anyway, I've updated the link to listen to the game online. If you want to go old school and listen on the radio it's on 770 AM.

- I've waited long enough... look who's back!

Obviously, I've been in heaven since the news was announced. What can I say? I'm a sucker for a reliable defenseman that lands on the good side of the +/-.

- Sadly, his arrival means we had to release Deron Cousens. I swear, if I win the lottery I'm buying an ECHL franchise and taking in all the players the Blades release. It'll be like the island of misfit toys.

- Your Wikipedia hockey page for today- "Rossall Hockey"

- I'm tempted to buy this book just to find out what happens.

- I love old advertisements. They're just so funny.
- I laughed so long at this kitty. Of course, that might be the cold medicine I'm still taking laughing for me.

funny pictures - Colur blind kitteh    Finded yew a pumikin
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