Saturday, October 22, 2011

Re-Cap: Everblades vs. Jackals (10/21/11)

The Everblades played their first road game of the season against one of my least favorite teams (don't know why, I just don't like them). This calls for the first re-cap of the season!

Hopefully, I've kept my blogging skills up with all the fight videos and misspelled kitty pictures I've posted all offseason.

The Blades rolled into Elmira with some unfortunate things working against them. A long, drawn out, road trip, a usually strong and currently undefeated opponent, and a veteran NHLer who actually captained the Buffalo Sabres.

You read that right, HE WAS THE CAPTAIN.

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Needless to say, the guys did not necessarily have the odds in their favor.

Starting line: Fischer, McGinnis, Beca, McKenzie, Rutherford, Muse

The first period saw a lone tally from Elmira at the 10:50 mark and not too much else. Really, not much else happened. It was kind of lame to be honest.


The second period saw the Jackals score two more goals. The first, unassisted, came at the 2:53 mark. The second came a few minutes later at 6:42. Things were looking pretty bleak until a scrum in the Jackals zone led to mutual roughing penalties.

That seemed to get the Blades fired up and shift the momentum because David Fischer slipped one in to make it 3-1 (assists to Rutherford and McKenzie).

Three minutes later, Bobby Raymond decided he wasn't going to let Fischer have all the fun and notched one of his own to make it 3-2 (assists to Murray and Beca). The Blades had some pretty great chances after that, but just couldn't convert. The period ended with the Jackals leading 3-2.


The Blades kept of the pressure for the early part of the third. Goalie John Muse mad some great saves, but there was nothing he could do when a blast from a Jackal flew passed him after he was bumped. That goal, scored with less than 6 minute left in the period made a comeback hard to believe in. A few minutes later the Jackals score on the empty net to make it 5-2.


It was a good game from the Everblades, they dominated a decent amount of the play, but they just didn't have the bounces go in their favor.

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