Sunday, October 23, 2011

Re-Cap: Everblades vs. Titans (10/22/11)

I have to be honset, I'm not sure how exactly to re-cap this game. I should have know the minute I had to listen to the Trenton broadcast of the game that the Hockey Gods were not looking favorably down upon me.
I don't think I can really write my usual type of re-cap, because sweet freaking Caroline the Trenton radio guy was horrible. I'm pretty sure recordings of him calling games could easily be used by the CIA as a torture device. I'm also pretty sure that if they did, it would be a violation of the Geneva Convention.
Where was I? Oh yes, the game. Let me just break it down into some manageable bits.
- Score Everblades 5- Titans 8
- SOG 33-33
-38 minutes in penalties. Yup. 38. Two thirds of the game saw either one or both of the teams shorthanded. I wasn't watching the game, but I got the impression that a certain striped individual needed to swallow his wistle and let the teams play.
-The Blades were 2/8 on the penalty and the Titans were 4/7.
- The Blades came from behind several times and managed to get a 5-3 lead in the closing minutes of the second. Then Bobby Raymond was called for a BS penalty (that's not me being a homer, the Trenton radio guy said it was BS). The Titans scored on the ensuing powerplay. They then went on to score four more unanswered goals including an empty netter.
- Poor Pat Nagle was completely on his own since John Muse was called up to Charlotte after Justin Peters was injured.
- There was some good news I guess. Bobby Raymond has scored in the last two games, Justin Shugg scored twice and got an assist and Alex Hutching scored a goal and got an assist. So, um, yay.
-The boys got right on the bus after the game for the drive to Reading. They play the Royals tonight. What wonderful scheduling.
- The next time I make fun of our radio guy someone remind me he's very good, we're lucky to have him, and some fans aren't as lucky. Some fans are very unlucky. They have to listen to a guy who thinks he's calling a soccer game.

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