Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Links

It's that time again! Here's your weekly serving of fresh links.

- Write this down: Saturday's game in Greenville was moved to 2:05. I'm probably going to forget, but I'd lose my head if it wasn't attached to my neck.
- I wrote my first post for the Chasing Checkers blog. The plan is for me to write an update on the Hurricane and Checkers prospects we have. The best part of this whole arrangement is the fact that I know have an editor! Anyone who's read this blog knows that while I excel at photography, snark, and finding random hockey related crap, I'm not very good in the grammar and punctuation departments.

- Remember Scott Darling, the goalie from training camp? Yeah, we signed him. Obviously, we won't be seeing Muse anytime soon and the powers that be decided Pat Nagle is not the kind of goalie you can hang out to dry every single night and still get a win. It will be interesting to see what game, if any, Darling gets to start in. My best guess? One of the games with the Greenville Road Warriors. They're currently the second worst team in the conference. They've score 8 goals and given up 17.

- Your Wikipedia hockey page for today- "Canadian Women's Hockey League"

- I'm always in awe of what some people can do with cake and fondant:

Hockey skates jersey and bench

- I would love this clock if it had any other logo on it.

- If you don't read Down Goes Brown you have no sense of humor. Today's post is one of his best.

- Mental Floss is one of my favorite magazines (I always managed to finagle a subscription from one of my family members around Christmas), they just released this quiz in honor of hockey season starting at the same time as dental hygiene month.

- Kitty time!

funny pictures - cat hair on everything  My job here is finished
see more Lolcats and funny pictures, and check out our Socially Awkward Penguin lolz!

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