Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Links

It's Friday, and that means one thing. Time fore a heaping spoonful of links. Hopefully, this will keep you guys entertained until game time.

- No word yet on any suspension for Joey Hadad. I really would like to believe a league that claims to be developmental would do something to protect the future of a player sent down for development. I really, really, do. Just as I write that the league hands down a two game suspension and fine for Hadad. They also give Chris Clackson a one game suspension and fine for jumping David Rutherford. While I'm mentioning it, another video of Clackson being a scumbag.

- The Blades announced a trade with the Bakersfield Condors yesterday. In exchange for forward Robby Dee they receive defenceman Jimmy Martin. His stats:

- This game makes me wish my older cousin hadn't disassembled my old NES. I also wish he hadn't disassembled my old SNES while we're at it. At least my N64 is still intact.

- I enjoyed posting that tweet last week so much I think I'll do it every week. We'll call it the tweet of the week. I'm only going to include current Blades players because, let's be honest, Bobby Goepfert would probably win every single week. If you want to vote, tweet or email me who you think deserves the honor. If you don't vote, it's purely my decision. I'm giving the honor to Ryan Donald this week. Mostly because I'm a total homer for the Penguins and because Donald has a spectacular beard.

- I should probably mention my list of current and former Everblades players on Twitter again, huh? Here you go.

- Great find on eBay. The first style of jersey the Blades wore. They used this style from the teams inception in 98, until 2004 when they removed the grey bands on the bottom and added a stripe behind the logo.

- Today's Wikipedia hockey page is every hockey fans favorite strategy- "The Neutral Zone Trap"

- What would Friday be without a puppy? I miss having a boxer around. Best breed ever.

funny dog pictures - from that moment on,Bo was never curious  about what his owner did at the computer again
see more dog and puppy pictures

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