Wednesday, December 7, 2011

News and Notes

Quite a few bits and pieces of news going on in Everblades land.

- First up, Mike McKenzie. Looks like he was able to secure a deal with our old friends, the Houston Aeros. The Checkers were kind enough to release him from his deal. Considering the Checkers are drowning in forwards, it's a nice move to let McKenzie get the AHL time he deserves.

- John Muse was called up to back-up former Everblades Justin Peters in Charlotte. Peters' goaltending partner, Mike Murphy, was called up to the Hurricanes (and actually got his first NHL minutes in relief of Cam ward last night). I'm assuming either Brian Markowicz or Scott Darling will be making an appearance on the bench as back-up for Pat Nagle.

- The Blades made some moves recently to patch up our gutted roster. Last week we traded away Robby Dee for defenceman Jimmy Martin, his stats:

They also signed Augusta Riverhawks forward Lucas LaBelle. You may remember him from the try-outs at the beginning of the season. His stats:

An unofficial signing I've heard about that the Blades haven't announced yet is forward Todd Pocoke. He's an intern with Athletic Republic that works with the team and the Jr. Blades. His stats (I'm hoping these are his stats): Turns out I was wrong. No signing to see here, move along.

- One to file under the maybe Byng is crazy and reading way too much into Tweets from players:

This was directed at a forward named Kerry Bowman. His stats just because:

- OK, done with the roster stuff. $2 beer, wine and hot dogs tonight. Consider this your warning, if you don't show up early I can't guarantee I won't have sucked down all the wine by the time you get there.

- More importantly, Friday Toys for Tots will be collecting unwrapped toys. You get a buy one get one ticket voucher and a kid in need gets an awesome toy. Nobody loses.

- Last but not least, since the puppies have been working:

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