Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Links

Happy game day everyone! The Blades are playing their second game of the three game series they have with the Jackals. The Shuggernaut has returned and we have an actual non-EBUG goalie backing-up tonight. Things are better than they usually are in Blades land.

-  Your Wikipedia hockey page for today is one of my favorite South Park episodes- "Stanley's Cup"

- Ladies and gentlemen, your Tweet of the Week.

- I'm a little amazed no one has bid on this stick yet. I just might if no one else will.

- I'm pretty sure this is the cake I want for my birthday. With a Penguins or Everblades logo instead of the leafs obviously. Oh, and with my name too.

Hockey Birthday Cake

- I'm also pretty sure this is what my party is going to be like.

- Our neighbors on the other side of the state have been playing amazing hockey. What better way to jump on the Panthers bandwagon than with a "vintage" panthers hockey jersey?

- The Puppies have been working out for the most part. Have to keep going with them.

funny dog pictures - Dis strange man tried  tu hack yur mail slot
see more dog and puppy pictures

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