Tuesday, December 20, 2011

YouTube Tuesday

About three days ago, I saw this tweet pop up on my timeline.

The minutes I saw it, I knew what video was going to be featured today.

This video is awesome for several reasons:
1. Leigh Salters is the biggest BAMF ever (don't click that link if you're at work, it's not safe). I love how he just pulls off his cage like it's no big deal and his nose isn't really broken.
2. It's great to see teammates stick up for each other. It's also pretty great to see the guys public acknowledge how awesome it is.
3. T.J. Reynolds is very high on my list of ECHL players I hate. Any game he gets his behind handed to him is a good game.

I've come to understand the little girls that had the " I <3 u Salters" sign a few games ago. I'm starting to think I <3 Salters too.

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